Gopherscope Mfg., LLC is located in Michgan, US, a privately-owned company since 2010, specializing in hand-held borescopes for quality-control inspection groups, industrial inspectors, engineers, technicians, and individuals where the need for detecting problems  and  testing in “hard-to-see” areas can cost excessive time and money.

Our mission to provide the inspection tools and devices for achieving real-time, accurate photos and videos for our customers in 20+ industries is paramont. Our passion for new technological advances, along with our commitment to our customers in 20+ industries has made user-friendly, affordable tools that are above and beyond our expectations and that of our customers.

As the global leader/provider of borescopes, unique with 100+ sizes and lengths of interchageable cable-fed LED cameras, our company continues to expand our product line, gaining knowledge for each industry specialists’ needs.
Gopherscope looks forward to talking to you to select & customize your inspection needs.

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